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“Content is king“, wrote Bill Gates, founder and then CEO of Microsoft, in an article published in March 1996. Besides being an excellent futurist, (he has anticipated by several years the changes that Internet has imposed globally), Gates realized basically two things: at first, the interconnection between content and systems that aggregate for advertising (Google), second place he rehashed the content concept: not only the production of information, but everything related to the communication of a company and its products. That's why the content comes before anything else, it is the soul of the company , the beating heart that must inspire all marketing actions.

The extensive knowledge of tools and of communication methods, allows Mydigitalpassion to support you during the entire process of developing an effective content marketing campaign.

The construction of a thematic blog or the creation of a well-structured landing page that has been projected to convert the generic traffic into specific activities through operations Call To Action (CTA), senza can grant you good results. One of the basic elements used in Web marketing, is the optimization of the content and services. If optimized right away, they can be used by all the devices present on the market today (desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones) because the consumer trend is to search infos through personal tools that are normally placed in their own pockets or in their bags 


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