Online Reputation

Companies seeking to position themselves will have to take a position on this: in the worst case they must take a stand on something that really affects their target market.

Online reputation is to search the contents according to human research mode, that means, by simulating the behavior of a user to browse the web.

The main developments are:


Any online written sentence is generally available, even after a long time


 Any written sentence remains intact in time. In the old analogic scenario it tended to vanish by word of mouth.


Each track on the network can be spread quickly by copying and pasting, spreading like wildfire.


Even when datas are  deleted from servers may reappear later in other sites and blogs.


Information can be found with a simple search on Google or social networks.


Online reputation is increasingly based on the opinions of others or influencers who, as well, have their own online reputation.


The increase in the use of video on the network has created a formidable new and direct way of living in first person.


It is necessary to analyze each tool and understand its performance.

It is not about additional costs, most of the time, but the complexity of analysis, measurement and action upon it.


Online reputation is the sum of opinions, and less what has been communicated from ourselves directly.

The goal of our service is to offer a complete analysis of the company's brand reputation starting from the perception that consumers develop reading online opinions.

Basically those are conceptual models that describe relevant areas to the brand identity, and are not based on simple combinations of keywords only.

We organize contents into relevant categories, corresponding to the areas that the client wishes to investigate, in order to know the opinion of users on various aspects of its business.

The challenge issued by social networks to web analysis is the need to determine the value of each content, according to the relations it has with the other elements of the network and with those who produce them and benefit from them.

Most shared contents are those potentially more widespread and therefore more influential. 

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