Mobile and social marketing

Social Network, often ignored and undervalued (basically because they do not include the potentiality play a key role in any web marketing campaign worthy of the name. Every day, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram & Co. put in communication billion users around the world and millions of people in Italy. It is a huge audience that companies can directly contact to promote their products and services but also to increase the popularity of the brand.

To manage both the Blog that the Social Profiles, we need copywriters and Web content managers with a deep knowledge of the language of social networks and how news should be published. Mydigitalpassion can offer advice:

-       Creating and maintaining profiles, pages and community with graphics and smooth communication with the corporate image;

-       Increase followers and their involvement through the creation of original campaigns and “viral” contents tailored for target of your company

-       ADV campaigns targeted on all social networks based on personal data of the users and based on parameters that are not contemplated from other online advertising platforms.


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